International competition/Series Mania 2022.

By the team behind A French Village, Totems, SKAM and Paris Police 1900.

Young soldiers fighting terrorism so far from home.

The series focuses on the “Operation Barkhane” mission in Mali, an anti-insurgent operation that has recently been center in international news after France announced its withdrawal from the region after a nine-year battle in mid-February 2022.

In the Mopti region of Mali, Lieutenant Anais Collet’s division, deployed as part of Operation Barkhane, is dedicated to tracking down terrorists. Soon, however, an ambush with dramatic consequences rekindles tensions between the military and the Malian people, who are less and less accepting of the French presence in their village. In a country where armed terrorist groups are proliferating, the French army assembles a complex new division whose mission is to stop a caliphate from being declared in the Sahel. Who are these young soldiers serving under the French flag, thousands of miles from home, who risk their lives to protect others?



Genre: Drama
Format: 7×52′
Directed by Jean-Philippe Amar (A French Village, Spiral)
Written by Thibault Valetoux (Paris Police 1900), Frédéric Krivine (A French Village)
Produced by Orange Studios, Tetra Media
Original Broadcasters: OCS
Cast: Pauline Parigot, Louis Peres, Birane Ba de la Comédie Française, Yannick Choirat, Samir Seghir, Vanessa Fonte, Raphaëlle Rousseau, Jonathan Turnbull, Antoine Pelletier, Warren Ferri.
Language: French
Year of production: 2022
International Sales: Federation
Format rights : Available