No Wheel To Die

No wheel to die is the tale of an ordinary man who achieves the extraordinary.

An immersive cinematographic experience;
A very ambitious and challenging ride, led by a crew of 4 with 3 cameras, along 2600 km.

Alone on his bike, Jean-Luc Perez is about to cross France through a 2600 kilometers track. Jean-Luc’s goal is to beat the record in less than five days, which implies never stopping or sleeping. What kind of fascination pushes a 48-year-old man, family man and teacher at the famous Louis le Grand high school in Paris, to ride through entire countries, restless and sleepless? Is it existential for a physics and chemistry teacher to live the contraction of space and time in his flesh and bones?

“This guy is a force of nature disguised as a person” L’équipe

 “One of the best ultra-distance cyclist”, Le Parisien


Genre: Documentary
Format: 90′
Directed by Timothée Catherine
Produced by Bastille Films and Les Films de Catherine
Language: French
Year of production: 2021
International Sales: Federation