A documentary saga on a scale never-before-seen that breathes life into the challenges facing an endangered paradise on the brink.

Mediterranean explores the outstanding beauty of the Mediterranean ecosystem, its current threats, and the vision held in order to fight for its preservation. It will be filmed over the course of two years in 12 different countries and will draw on the expertise of 50 scientists from across the world, making this 6 hour saga one of the most ambitious nature documentary series ever produced in France.

Directed by award-winning  filmmaker Fred Fougea, Mediterranean is part of the Global Doc project, a France Televisions initiative created to unite public broadcasters for ambitious international co-productions.


Genre: Documentary
Format: 6×52′
Directed by: Fred Fougea
Producers: Federation Entertainment and Boréales in partnership with France Televisions and BBC Studios. In co-production with Terra Mater, Anemon, Fabula Pictures
Original broadcaster: France Televisions,  BBC, RAI, NDR, RTS, Servus TV, Head Antena
Year of production: 2021-2022
Status: in production. Delivery Spring 2022
International Sales: Federation Entertainment