A dark comedy thriller about good people caught in a dark spiral.

By the creators of international hit series The Break.

In competition at Series Mania 2022/Panorama International.
Nominated at Film Festival Cologne and the Geneva International Film Festival.

Tom and Linda are thirtysomethings living in Belgium, along the French border. He is a policeman, she is a beautician, and they are on the verge of bankruptcy. Caught between a rock and a hard place, they embark on a get-rich-quick life insurance scam in an attempt to give themselves a fresh start someplace sunny. Their plan is going pretty well … until everything goes wrong, when Philippe, a French gendarme with whom Linda has an affair starts to investigate…

Good People also tells the story of a small border town between France and Belgium and its people who can’t seem to face the evil eating away at their community.



Genre: Comedy Thriller
Format: 6×52′
Directed by Stéphane Bergmans, Benjamin d’Aoust, Matthieu Donck
Written by Stéphane Bergmans (The Break), Benjamin d’Aoust (The Break), Matthieu Donck (The Break, Torpedo)
Produced by Hélicotronc and Unité
Original Broadcasters: RTBF, ARTE
Cast: Lucas Meister, Bérangère McNeese, Peter Van den Begin, India Hair, Gwen Berrou, Lucile Vignolles, Dominique Pinon, Coralie Russier, François Damiens, Corinne Masiero
Language: French
Year of production: 2022
International Sales: Federation
Format rights : Available