Delete Me

Viaplay’s new young adult sensation
Highest scores in history for the launch of Delete Me on VIAPLAY
Contemporary topics such as cyber-bullying, hacking and exclusion explored through innovative narrative techniques
Season 2 in development

It’s a young skewed thriller and a story about Marion and Marit, two best friends in third grade in high school. They are super close, on the national team in synchronized swimming and dream of getting scholarship to the US after high school. Just before the Norwegian spring break, one of them gets a sex tape spread around school. This causes enormous rumours at school and amongst the friends and family and it all gets very ugly. Dramaturgically we start with the end, where one of them is being killed accidentally in the swimming pool by the other and spin the story backwards.



Genre: Young adult drama series
Format: 7×26′
Written and directed by Marie Kristiansen (Young and Promising)
Producers: Einar / Pål Kruke Kristiansen (Lilyhammer)
Original broadcaster: Viaplay
Cast: Amalia Holm, Thea Sofie Loch Næss, Happy Jankell
Language: Norwegian
Year of production: 2021
International Sales: Federation Entertainment
Format rights: Available