Deadly Tropics

A dramedy police series featuring a duo of modern women cops on the island of Martinique.

On the tropical Island of Martinique, two cops are forced to join forces on multiple murder investigations. One abides by law and order, the other, with a much more liberal interpretation! That is, two free women with nothing in their way!

Despite being total opposites, this duo will do whatever it takes to uphold the law on this island that has a personality all on its own.

Season 1 outperformed on France 2 in November 2019.
Now 2 seasons available 
Season 3 in production



Genre: Procedural Dramedy
Format: 8x1h
Producers: Federation Entertainment (Pascal Breton & Thierry Sorel)
Directed by : Stéphane Kappes & Denis Thybaud
Main Cast : Sonia Rolland, Béatrice de la Boulaye, Julien Beramis
Original Broadcaster: France 2
Language: French
Country: France
Year of Production: 2019
Status : Available
Format Rights : Yes