A riveting investigation in a high school in Israel.

A look into the lives of teens in the aftermath of a crime potentially committed by their fellow classmates.

An ordinary morning at a small-town high school in Israel turns into a nightmare when anonymous masked figures commit a massacre leaving four dead students. Chaos reeks between terrified parents and the debut of a riveting investigation. The leading detective knows this school well as he himself experienced a trauma many years before…

Named after the app that the students use to communicate, Black Space is a psychological thriller that focuses on the hidden and secret lives of teenagers. As parents, do we know who our children really are?



Genre: Drama – Thriller
Producers: Drama-team (Mosh Danon, Chaim Sharir, Pascal Breton, Lionel Uzan & Jean-Michel Ciszewski)
Authors: Anat Gafni and Sahar Shavit
Directors: Ofir Lobel
Cast: Guri Alfi Aharon, Asi Levi, Reut Alush, Yoav Rottman, Noam Jarmeli, Gily Itskovitch, Ori Biton, Nir Hasdai, Eyal Shikartsi, Yoav Rosenberg, Ayelet Kurtz-Yosef, Eyal Hahmias, Ofer Zohar, Yosef Kliner, Matanya Bar Shalom, Dorit Levav Shani, Sahar Cohen…
Original Broadcasters: Reshet 13
Country/Language(s): Israel
Year of production: 2020
International sales:
Format rights: Yes