Around the world in 80 days, the series

Around the World is a 52 X 11-minute CGI-animated, adventure-comedy series based on the upcoming feature film, Around the World in 80 Days (adapted from the Jules Verne novel).

Phileas, Passepartout and Aouda are one of several teams participating in a scavenger’s hunt for exotic, rare and often absurd treasures scattered around the world.  The contest has been organized by Quigley Ratbottom, an eccentric millionaire, who has offered an enormous cash prize to the team that gets the most items. Our heroes are constantly on some kind of high-stakes adventures, but their kid-like curiosity and quirks will lead to plenty of slapstick-style humor and gags along the way!



Genre: Adventure-comedy series
Format: 52×11′
Target: 6-10
Director: Moran Caouissin
Producers: Cottonwood Media
Language: English
Year of production: 2021-2022
International Sales: Federation Kids & Family & StudioCanal