FEDERATION ENTERTAINMENT to distribute the documentary film « WOMEN OF THE VENEZUELAN CHAOS » directed by MARGARITA CADENAS in Latin America

Paris, April 17th 2018

FEDERATION ENTERTAINMENT is proud to handle international sales in Latin America for « WOMEN OF THE VENEZUELAN CHAOS », a heartfelt documentary film directed by top Venezuelan director MARGARITA CADENAS (Cenizas eternas, Au-delà des apparences).

In a country devoured by uncertainty and instability after decades of wealth driven by oil revenues, five women guide us through their daily struggles. Since the death of Hugo Chavez and the rise of Nicolas Maduro in 2013, Venezuela has been undergoing a terrible political and economic crisis that has already driven 4 million people outside of the country. When fleeing is not an option, everyday life is trying. Lack of food is almost to the point of starvation. Shortage of medical supplies makes for tragic outcomes in hospitals. The people’s anger is getting deeper and stronger by the minute. The president and the government however do not acknowledge any of that and forbid all oppositions. The National Assembly was dismissed in 2017, all demonstrations are repressed, and opponents are silenced or imprisoned.

MARGARITA CADENAS relied on the complicity of five women to shoot her film. She used very small cameras and microphones that were hidden so that she could film in hospitals corridors and in supermarkets queues.  Hence the intimate appearance of a movie that does not only state facts – as a journalistic work would – but that aims to alert on the ordeals the Venezuelan population is faced with and on the leader’s corruption and impunity.

As such, the film was presented in March 2018 at FIFDH (International Film Festival & Forum on Human Rights) in Geneva, Switzerland and at « One World » (Human Rights Documentary Films Festival) in Prague, Czech Republic. The film has received a warm welcome everywhere it was shown, including London, The Hague, Copenhagen and Frankfurt where it was awarded last week the Public Prize during the Lights Film Festival. It will be screened next in Toronto during the « Hot Docs » Festival in May.

MARGARITA says: « all the women in my film come from different backgrounds but they face the same challenges in a chaotic Venezuela. My camera is my best weapon to help these moving women who fight to survive and keep their dignity. I’m very grateful for the incredible welcome the film has got so far and I’m looking forward to working with Federation’s team to make sure it meets an even broader audience all throughout Latin America.”

The film will be released in April in the US and in May in France. It will come soon in theatres in Latin America.  

Press contact international sales:

Valérie Tailland

+ 33 (0)6 82 57 06 09 / valerie.tailland@fedent.com


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